2nd workshop in September, Oeiras/Lisbon

DD-DeCaF 2nd Workshop: data-driven cell factory design

  • Venue: ITQB-NOVA, Oeiras, Portugal
  • Date: September 18-19
  • Target audience: Industry and academia
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Registration


    This workshop will present the results of the DD-DeCaF project providing also an introduction to systems biology approaches for the design of cell factories and an overview of different tools developed by the consortium. The DD-DeCaF platform will be showcased alongside other metabolic engineering tools. The relevance of data-driven approaches in biotechnology will be discussed in an industry roundtable.


    Program overview

  • The DD-DeCaF project
  • Systems biology and cell factory design
  • The DD-DeCaF platform
  • OptFlux
  • Advances in strain design algorithms
  • Trends on computational biology
  • Industry roundtable
  • Full program here


    This is a free workshop, participants are expected to stay for the full workshop

  • Accommodation and meals are covered by the participants
  • Each participant is required to bring a laptop
  • Please register before July 31st.