3rd workshop in November, ESIB, Graz

The DD-DeCaF 3rd Workshop: Computer-aided design of cell factories will be integrated in the European Summit of Industrial Biotechnology (ESIB), to be held in Graz, Austria.

  • Venue: ESIB, Graz, Austria
  • Date: November 18-20
  • Target audience: Industry and academia
  • Registration


    In this summit, DD-DeCaF will be represented in two distinct occasions. On the 2nd day, in the H2020 special workshop Markus Herrgard will be representing DD-DeCaf and on the 3rd day a hands-on workshop focused on Computer-aided design of cell factories.

    Details about these two sessions follow bellow. The full ESIB program can be accessed here


    Day 2

    Session 05
    9:00 – 11:00

    Designing Cell Factories for a Circular Economy

    Using the tools of synthetic biology, metabolic pathways can be redesigned in microbes to construct cell factories that produce high value molecules for diverse applications. The extensive use of omics data, bioinformatic tools and metabolic modelling are common features of many projects that aim to construct such cell factories. A panel of selected H2020 projects discuss their central question: How to engineer cell factories to enable them to use sustainable carbon sources and to increase yields?

    Jens Nielsen (Chalmers Univ. Sweden, CHASSY)
    Eriko Takano (Univ. Manchester, TOPCAPI)
    Markus Herrgard (Novo Nordisk Foundation, DD-DeCaf)H2020 Special Workshop


    Day 3

    Session VI
    10:00 – 12:00

    Computer-aided design of cell factories

    Cell factory development projects often use omics data and modeling to identify bottlenecks and suggest new design strategies. However, the software platforms that are currently available for data-driven modeling and design support only limited use of data and are not end-user friendly. What are newest developments in computer-aided cell factory design? How can cutting edge software tools help you in developing your next cell factory? Join this workshop to learn hands-on skills for employing computer-aided cell factory design in your projects.
    Participation conditions: binding registration until 15th October 2019; for equipment please use your own laptop.

    Special Session